Complete TV Solution
TV Playout

Security, Accuracy

You are a Broadcaster, Here’s the Mono or Multi Channel Playout System with integrated Digital Asset Management.

Ignition lets you broadcast, ingest, manage, transcode, store and share all the files of your TV from capture until delivery.

Key Points


Mono or multi channel playout and distribution


Controls the majority of professional video servers in native API or VDCP.


Advanced Management of secondary events


Highly secured system with Real Time backup management


Integrated Worflow Manager within our settings options


Support for most Traffic Management Solutions

A Complete Solution

Ignition systems are architected using modular service blocks, so that your installation can be optimized to suit your resources and future business plans. We can provide constant synchronization with disaster recovery applications and remote devices, so as to ensure transparent workflow and to protect the integrity and security of your system. Future system scalability is guaranteed with the ability to add an almost unlimited number of channels, operator positions and devices while the system remains live. Ignition also uses a single system-wide database, which allows for highly efficient media management.

  • Scalable Architecture
  • From a single channel to hundreds of services across multiple locations
  • Agile Technology
  • Controlling legacy products and emerging solutions within video, IT and hybrid infrastructures
  • Unicode Compliance, operates in multiple languages including Spanish, Japanese and Arabic, and toggles instantly between languages
  • Multiple Formats, BXF (Myers ProTrack), MXF,AAF,V-ISAN compliant
  • Comprehensive Integration
  • Closely integrating into workflows by incorporating digital asset management, traffic, news and scheduling
  • User Rights Management
  • Enables monitoring of logins and activities, and manages access across the system
  • Full Audio Track and Multilingual Management, dynamic audio track control for multilingual services, descriptive video or secondary stereo

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